ICS 200/60 Platform

Integrated Communication Systems for Air Traffic Control

Integrated Communication Systems for Air Traffic Control
Voice Communication Systems based on the ICS 200/60 platform have been installed for air traffic control, airport ground services, coast guard applications and voice conferencing systems at numerous sites throughout the world. This scalable platform can be tailored for all ATC applications, from compact systems to the largest control centres. The ICS 200/60 platform is based on an all-digital design, and has a distributed intelligence which makes it possible to rapidly switch all telephone and radio channels. The fully redundant architecture provides reliable availability and smooth handling, even in the case of a component failure. Excellent ergonomics, the flexibility of the user interface, and the quality of the graphical touch-screens make solutions based on the ICS 200/60 platform a perfect tool for every operator position in radio and telephone communications.

ICS 200/60 Platform


Proven Values of ICS 200/60 Platform

Stable Ring Architecture
Ring topology for the redundant connection of operator positions has several advantages for the architecture. The distributed installation significantly reduces the size, complexity and vulnerability of the central control unit.

Fast Networking
The ICS 200/60 modules and sub-racks are interconnected via multiple standard 2 Mbps E1 links. Modern VCS networking enables the sharing of common radio and telephone connections.

Ergonomic User Interface
The user interface is customised to air traf?c control demands, and meets the highest ergonomic standards. The brightness control buttons on the frame of the touch panel allow fast adjustment under changing lighting conditions. The layout of the user interface can also be modified to speci?c project and role requirements.

Installation and Maintenance
Simple installation, and low maintenance effort are ensured by the highly modular hardware and its intuitive management system. Users can upgrade their systems themselves, or even install entirely new systems. Preventive maintenance is no longer necessary, due to software-driven, hot-swappable modules and automated parameter reinstatement.

Recognised Standards
ICS 200/60 is based on ICAO and EUROCONTROL recommendations, and international telecommunications standards. Schmid Telecom is an active member of the standardisation committees, which are committed to ensuring safe communication both now and in the future.